Attorney Robert Reiff Publishes Course for Lawyers on DUI Defense in Florida

Bobby Releases New Online Course for DUI Attorneys in Florida

Bobby is one of Florida’s leading authorities on DUI defense. In addition to writing the book on Florida DUI Law and being the only South Florida attorney chosen by Best Lawyers in 2018, Reiff is putting his expertise to work on behalf of the accused and helping secure fair outcomes for clients throughout the state. His latest work, a course entitled “What Every Lawyer Should Know About DUI in Florida,” provides Florida DUI attorneys with practical instruction on how to preserve the rights of those accused of impaired driving during DUI proceedings and negotiate more desirable outcomes for clients.

If you are a legal professional seeking to effectively and winsomely advocate for those accused of DUI in Florida, this resource will give you the tools you need to achieve justice for your clients. It is available on Lawline for on-demand online viewing. It can also be accessed through the Lawline mobile app.

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