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DUI Charges in Florida

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It only takes one simple, isolated mistake to be charged with a DUI. DUI offenders are not career criminals, but instead they come from every walk of life and are often facing their very first criminal offense. Unfortunately, the state of Florida gives these factors little consideration and still provides numerous, significant penalties that can interrupt one's life, sully their reputation, and even land them in jail.

At the Law Offices of Robert S. Reiff, P.A., we understand the circumstances of those facing DUI, traffic fatality, or DUI-related charges. The firm operates on the assumption that every client is innocent until proven guilty and that every step in the process, from the administrative hearing to final judgement in a court of law, should be met with knowledgeable and aggressive counsel.

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Why hire an attorney for your DUI charge?

One of the biggest misconceptions about DUI offenses is the assumption of guilt. Typically, those accused of DUI have been stopped in their vehicle and failed a Intoxilyzer test. What is there to possibly challenge in the courtroom?

The truth is that there are many different factors to consider following a DUI charge—even if the accused has failed a breath test. To craft a viable defense in your favor, diligent defense counsel must review the circumstances of your case and identify details that could invalidate or counter the allegations against you.

An experienced South Florida DUI Defense Attorney can assist you with:

  • Your administrative hearing and potential license suspension
  • Recognizing any probable cause issues in your case
  • Discovering any police conduct issues in your case
  • Collecting and organizing any evidence in your favor
  • Arguing the incident down to a "wet reckless" charge
  • Helping to remove unwanted "mugshot" photographs

These are just some of the many ways proper representation can evaluate and navigate your case. For more specific information on DUI defenses, contact the Law Offices of Robert S. Reiff, P.A. today.

What is a "look-back" period?

Like many other states, Florida imposes charging and sentencing multiple DUI offenses. It works like this: any second DUI in a five-year period or third DUI in a ten-year period can result in enhanced (or more serious) criminal penalties.

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Whether you are facing your very first DUI offense or are at risk of enhanced sentencing due to prior charges, the time to speak with representation is now. Attorney Robert S. Reiff is an award-winning legal representative with more than three decades of DUI and criminal defense experience. He is a published author on DUI law and has built his reputation on providing unparalleled insight and advocacy to clients facing even the most serious of charges.

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