A Reputable Trial Lawyer Who Leads the Pack Attorney Robert Reiff is a known authority & voice in the legal community.

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Respected in the Community. Recognized Nationally.
  • “I know it took a lot of hard work and talent, so I appreciate it!”


  • “You are terrific!”

    Laura F.

  • “Thanks”


  • “You were a Godsend to our family during this process”

    Chris Thornton

  • “Bobby Reiff is one hell of a lawyer”
  • “My case in professional hands!”


  • “Words cannot describe our appreciation!”

    Geoff and Loudres

  • “He truly is great!!!”


  • “An outstanding brief and a compelling argument for suppression. ”

    W. Troy McKinney - Nationally Known DUI Expert in Texas

  • “He gave 100% to win my case”
  • “Thank you so much for all your attention.”


  • “You've been excellent.”


  • “Truly Professional and Caring”

    Jeanne W.

  • “Your motion to suppress is the finest I have ever seen.”

    Jerry R.

  • “Robert, I congratulate your work, very professional and excellent.”

    Happy Client