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DUI Jury Selection

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In this program, Mr. Reiff provides both new and experienced DUI attorneys tips about strategies in picking a jury in “drunk driving” cases that will help you win your case.

DUI Defense Basics

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In this program, Mr. Reiff provides both new and experienced DUI attorneys tips about DUI defense and how to win a DUI case.

Medication Misadventures

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For attorneys, there are several questions to explore and medical resources to browse when reviewing the details of a possible medication-related case. Attorneys can do their own investigation before considering a consult with a medical expert.

Toxicology 101 for Attorneys

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This program will provide a broad overview of what attorneys need to know about the science of toxicology in order to effectively navigate their drugs and alcohol related cases. The course will cover the effects of alcohol as well as common street and prescription drugs on the body, the science of interpreting drug screens, how alcohol absorption can be delayed or increased, and the connection between drug levels and impairment.

Masters of DUI: DUI Serious Bodily Injury and Manslaughter

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Our seminar this year is presented virtually, in three parts over three sessions. Covering a thoughtful blend of law, science, and ethics, each segment promises the high standards of content and presentation that Masters of DUI is known for.

The Science of Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids: High-lights for Attorneys

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What is the science behind the marijuana breath testing device? What are synthetic cannabinoids and how do they compare with marijuana? These and other questions will be answered in this one-hour presentation, taught by toxicology expert Allison Muller and DUI attorney Robert Reiff.

Winning the War of DUI Defense

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In this entertaining and practical program, veteran practitioner Robert Reiff will walk viewers through several hypothetical scenarios based on his 40 years of defending DUI cases. Attorneys will learn how to spot holes in forensic evidence, impeach law enforcement testimony, create a compelling narrative, and manage juries in DUI cases.

Exposing the Myths of a DUI Case

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In this unique and interesting program, he will teach attorneys how to interpret DUI/DWI laws, analyze forensic evidence to identify flaws and weaknesses and expose the myths of a DUI/DWI case in court.

Jury Selection in DUI Cases

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The topics that will be covered include an understanding of group dynamics and the science of identifying emergent leaders in a group. The program will review how to ask key questions, including attitudinal questions, finding out how alcohol has adversely impacted a juror's life, discussing the juror's own driving records, and ferreting out who really means it when they say they can be "fair and impartial."

Auditioning for Your Freedom: Combating the Field Sobriety Exercises in the DUI Prosecution in Florida

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Mr. Reiff identifies the importance of recognizing the abnormality of field sobriety exercises and the methods by which police officers incorrectly administer them. He also provides helpful strategies to cross examine arresting officers so as to emphasize the functioning of your client's mental faculties while minimizing any physical failures. Mr. Reiff concludes with additional preparation tips that will strengthen your case.

What Every Lawyer Should Know About DUI Defense in Florida (Audio Only)

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In this program, Mr. Reiff provides both the new and the experienced DUI attorney tips on how to win a DUI case. He will provide an overview of DUI case defense in both the administrative (driver's license) and criminal court forums for the state of Florida, as well as tools for using common sense concepts to make the case to all relevant parties.

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Auditioning for Your Freedom: Combating the Field Sobriety Exercises in the DUI Prosecution in Florida

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